Is Mambobaby float US coast guard approved?

Is Mambobaby float US coast guard approved?

Is Mambobaby float US coast guard approved? We received the questions from our end-user. There is no doubt about the safety of the Mambobaby float. We are always warning that Mambobaby float is not a life-saving product. It needs to be used under the constant supervision of adults. It is filled with solid foam like a life jacket and has a patented safety structure. From the chest, shoulders, and crotch of the five-way protection harness protect your baby is stable and safe with Mambobaby float.


Mambobaby floats are designed, manufactured, and tested by the safety standard of ASTM F963 in the USA and AS/NZS1900 in Australia and New Zealand. The floats are suitable for children who are under the full supervision of their parents.


At present, most US coast guard approved (USCG) products are life jackets. Now, no baby floats suitable for infants under 2 years old have passed USCG. However, babies under 2 years old need constant adult supervision. Mambobaby float is not currently available for US coast guard approval (USCG certification).


In rare cases, when parents bring a Mambobaby float to a public beach in the United States, they will be checked by staff about USCG certification for the floaty, but in most cases, there are no such requirements.


However, Mambobaby float is still working hard to get in touch with USCG. USCG certification requires USCG to send staff to the factory for a series of factory inspections, and it is at least once a year. The USCG will issue the manufacturer an official certificate of approval and a number to be affixed to each conforming product. The certificate is valid for five years, and the manufacturer is required to submit an annual inspection report. Obtaining US coast guard approval (USCG) is much more complicated than product testing.

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