Choosing the Best Mambobaby Swim Float: Self-Inflating or Non-inflatable float?

Choosing the Best Mambobaby Swim Float: Self-Inflating or Non-inflatable float?

This guide compares the Self-Inflating Mambobaby Swim Float and the Non-inflatable Foam-Filled Mambobaby Swim Float. We've laid out the key differences in the table below, followed by a detailed explanation of their features.

Self-Inflating Mambobaby Swim Float:

The Self-Inflating Mambobaby Swim Float is made from high-strength outdoor fabric and filled with high-resilience sponge. This combination offers durability and safety for your child. It's compact when deflated, making it ideal for air travel.It doesn't have any extra features, like a footrest or adjustable sunshade.

self-inflating Mambobaby swim floats

Non-inflatable Foam-Filled Mambobaby Swim Float:

The Non-inflatable Foam-Filled Mambobaby Swim Float features a PU leather material and foam filling, ensuring it doesn't deflate. This model is more durable than the self-inflating version, and has enhanced aesthetics and more features. It's larger when deflated, but still suitable for car journeys or use at nearby pools.

The footrest is the main selling point of this swim float. It provides comfortable support for babies, especially those under six months old when back-floating. This enhances comfort and makes it popular among parents and infants.

The adjustable 3D sunshade offers better sun protection, shielding your baby from harmful UV rays. Its adjustable angle optimizes shading based on the sun's position, unlike the self-inflating model.

In conclusion, selecting between the Self-Inflating Mambobaby Swim Float and Non-inflatable Foam-Filled Mambobaby Swim Float relies on your specific needs and preferences. The self-inflating model is more affordable and travel-friendly, while the conventional version offers more features, better durability, and enhanced aesthetics. We hope this comprehensive guide helps you make the best decision for your child.


Below are the different between the self-inflating and non-inflatble Mambobaby floats. 

Feature Self-Inflating Mambobaby Float Non-inflatable Foam-Filled Mambobaby Float
Material High-strength outdoor fabric, high-resilience sponge filling PU leather material, foam filling
Durability Good Better
Safety Same Same
Design and Functionality Simplified structure More aesthetic, more features
Portability 25*15*15cm, ideal for air travel 50*50*14cm, suitable for car trips or nearby pools
Extra Features None Footrest and adjustable 3D sunshade
Price Difference Lower Higher, $30 to $70 more expensive
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