Celebrating MAMBOBABY's Triumph: Earning EN13138 CE Certification

Celebrating MAMBOBABY's Triumph: Earning EN13138 CE Certification

We are thrilled to announce that the MAMBOBABY Float has proudly achieved the stringent EN13138 CE certification at the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) level. This isn’t just a certification; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing the safest possible products for your little ones.

What Does the EN13138 CE Certification Mean?

The EN13138 standard embodies stringent European regulations focusing on buoyant aids for swimming instruction, specially designed for children. Achieving the CE certification indicates that our MAMBOBABY Float adheres to the meticulous safety, design, and manufacturing standards laid down by the European Union.

Here’s a brief insight into the EN13138 CE certification:
- **Safety Assurance**: Rigorous testing for material quality, durability, and safety.
- **Performance Validation**: Ensuring the product performs effectively under various conditions.
- **Clarity in Instructions**: Guaranteeing that all labels, warnings, and instructions are clear and comprehensible.

Elevating Trust in the European Baby Spa Industry

Earning the EN13138 CE certification isn’t merely a badge; it’s an accolade that elevates our standing, especially in the robust European Baby Spa industry. Our presence is significantly felt in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where the MAMBOBABY is not just a product but a symbol of trust and reliability.


#MambobabyFloat - An Online Phenomenon and Your Trusty Companion

In the United States, the MAMBOBABY Float has been lauded as the "best baby float ever," turning #MambobabyFloat into a viral sensation on social media platforms. Our retail partners have benefited immensely from this phenomenal online presence, enjoying an enhanced marketing advantage.

We extend our warm invitation to parents and retailers in Europe to join this burgeoning community and be a part of a movement that prioritizes the safety and happiness of children.

Making Waves with Safety and Quality

At MAMBOBABY, your child’s safety is paramount. The EN13138 CE certification stands as a vigorous affirmation of our adherence to safety, quality, and performance standards. Navigating through the crucial early stages of a child’s life, MAMBOBABY Float ensures that your little one’s aquatic adventures are always enveloped in utmost safety and enjoyment.

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