+ Is Mambobaby float US coast guard approved?

We received the questions from our end-user. There is no doubt about the safety of the Mambobaby float. We are always warning that Mambobaby float is not a life-saving product. It needs to be used under the constant supervision of adults. It is filled with solid foam like a life jacket and has a patented safety structure. From the chest, shoulders, and crotch of the five-way protection harness protect your baby is stable and safe with Mambobaby float.

Mambobaby floats are designed, manufactured, and tested by the safety standard of ASTM F963 in the USA and AS/NZS1900 in Australia and New Zealand. The floats are suitable for children who are under the full supervision of their parents.

At present, most US coast guard approved (USCG) products are life jackets. Now, no baby floats suitable for infants under 2 years old have passed USCG. However, babies under 2 years old need constant adult supervision. Mambobaby float is not currently available for US coast guard approval (USCG certification).

However, Mambobaby float is still working hard to get in touch with USCG. USCG certification requires USCG to send staff to the factory for a series of factory inspections, and it is at least once a year. The USCG will issue the manufacturer an official certificate of approval and a number to be affixed to each conforming product. The certificate is valid for five years, and the manufacturer is required to submit an annual inspection report. Obtaining US coast guard approval (USCG) is much more complicated than product testing.

+ What are the advantages of the Mambobaby swim float?

1. Safety: Mambobaby floats do not require inflation, so they are ready to use immediately, saving you time and hassle. Their quick-drying technology also makes them convenient to pack and store after use​​. 2. Durability: Mambobaby floats are more durable than inflatable swim rings, which can be prone to leaks or punctures. 3. Comfort: Designed for maximum comfort, Mambobaby floats are made of a comfortable PearlFoam™ material that ensures an enjoyable swimming experience for your baby. 4. Adorable Design: Mambobaby floats come in a variety of adorable colors and pictures. They are available in a range of cute and engaging designs, such as airplanes, seashells, crabs, frogs, bees, butterflies, watermelons, and oranges, making them not only functional but also visually appealing. 5. Additional Features: Mambobaby floats offer added features like a detachable UPF 50+ Sun Canopy to shield your baby's sensitive skin from harsh sunlight. They also provide different swimming styles and are equipped with an outdoor canopy and a buoyant tail for a more versatile and enjoyable swimming experience​​.

+ What are differences between the different styles?

We currently offer 8 different Editions, including Classic Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Limited Edition. Additionally, each Edition comes in several different styles, with variations like Seashell, Colorfish, Airplane, and many more accounting for dozens of different options to choose from. To get a complete breakdown of the various Editions and their corresponding styles and variations, along with the suitable age range, material, size, and a detailed comparison of features and benefits, we have created a webpage that covers all of these aspects. Please visit this webpage for more information: how-to-choose-mambobaby-swim-float/

+ How can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, please note that orders are usually processed by our ERP system within 2 to 24 hours. To ensure we can cancel your order in time, please email us at service@mambobabyshop.com within 2 hours after placing your order with the subject line 'Order Cancellation' and include your order number in the body of the email.

Please keep in mind that if the cancellation request is sent after the 2-hour window, we may not be able to cancel the order if it has already been processed. In this case, you may need to wait until you receive your order and then follow our return process to get a refund. Please be aware that this might involve return shipping costs that will be borne by the customer.

+ How do I track my package?

To track your package, please refer to the order confirmation email you received from us. In that email, there is a link labeled "View your order" Clicking on this link will take you to a page with detailed information about your order, including the shipping status and the tracking number.

Additionally, once your order has been dispatched, we will send you a notification email with all the relevant shipping and tracking information.

You can also reach out to our customer support desk at service@mambobabyshop.com to ask questions anytime.

+ Do you ship to my country?

We provide worldwide shipping, including to countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and most countries in Europe. For more specific information and estimated delivery times, please visit our shipping information page.

+ Do you have local warehouses?

Yes, we have local warehouses around the world, including the USA warehouse, European Germany warehouse, Australia warehouse, UK warehouse and more. if our local warehouse has inventory available, we will prioritize shipping your order from the nearest warehouse to your location.

+ Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping for most countries. However, shipping fees may apply to certain remote areas. Please check out and enter your delivery address to view the applicable charges.