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  • Professional Breaststroke 40°

    When the baby is lying on the swim float, being able to maintain the post of breaststroke all the time, cultivate your baby's correct swimming posture.

  • 5 Points Protection

    The Non-inflatable MamboBaby Swim Ring Float vest-type close-fitting design, wider straps are more comfortable, strengthens the position of the squat and supports the abdomen to prevent it from falling backward or flipping.

  • UPF50+ Canopy

    Mambobaby float has a removable, UV-proof canopy covered with UPF 50+ sunscreen coating to protect the baby's skin from the sun, allowing them to enjoy swimming in the summer.

  • Add removable tail

    Add removable tail, Prevent baby from flipping backward. Upgraded safety buckle, The Upgraded safety buckle provides 5 support points and a perfect 40°angle to keep a balance to avoid baby flip over and fall off.

  • Breaststroke

    Suitable for 3~24months baby

  • Backstroke

    Suitable for 3~12months baby

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Question & Answer

What is the age range for which the Mambobaby swim float is suitable?

Our Mambobaby swim float is suitable for babies between 3 to 24 months old( 6-18kg/12-40lb ). If you are looking for a larger size, we have the No.07 Airplan model which is designed to accommodate children up to 48 months old.

Does it ever leak or get damaged easily?

Nope! It utilizes our patented PearlFoam technology combined with a tough exterior cover which ensures it will last for years to come!It can even withstand the weight of a car with no deformations or damage at all. That means no more leaks, punctures or blowing!

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all of our items in the store.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we do ship to most countries, including the USA, EU, UK, and Australia. We have local warehouses in these regions, which typically allow for a delivery time of approximately 4-9 days. To ensure that you can view and order the correct inventory available in your region, please make sure to select your specific country on our website. Different regions may have different stock availability, which could affect your ability to complete a purchase.