Mambobaby Seashell Float: 2023's Top Pick for Fun, Safe, and Stylish Baby Water Play

Mambobaby Seashell Float: 2023's Top Pick for Fun, Safe, and Stylish Baby Water Play

The Mambobaby Seashell is a baby float designed by HECCEI and MamboBaby. It features a unique seashell design that is sure to stand out whether you're at the pool or the beach. The float comes with a removable canopy and tail. The canopy provides protection from the sun with its UPF 50+ sunscreen coating, and the tail helps to prevent the baby from flipping backward. It also includes a charming bell on the canopy that makes a delightful sound when your baby grasps it.


For safety, the float has an upgraded safety buckle that provides five support points and a perfect 40° angle to keep balance and prevent the baby from flipping over. The float can be adjusted for backstroke and breaststroke, with the backstroke mode suitable for babies aged 3 to 6 months and the breaststroke mode for babies aged 3 to 24 months. The float fits children weighing from 13 to 40 lbs, and the adjustable buckle at the back makes it easy to adjust to most infant sizes. It also allows the baby to move freely in a comfortable position.


This float is made from PearlFoam materials, which are air-free, eco-friendly, light, flexible, and durable. It does not have any small parts that could fall off and potentially be a choking hazard, such as a zipper head, in line with toy safety standards. It also does not smell and won't rot after long-term use in water. The float has been accredited by GB6675, EN 13138, and ASTM F963 safety standards, so you can feel safe using it.

However, please note that while our products are designed with multiple safety considerations, they are not life-saving devices and should not be used in the ocean or deep water. We recommend using them in a private pool, tub, spa, beach, or lake under adult supervision.

Overall, the Mambobaby Seashell is a cute, safe, and feature-packed baby float that's an ideal choice for keeping your little one safe and happy in the water.

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