Join Our Mambobaby Float Influencer Collaboration Program

As the largest authorized distributor of the renowned Mambobaby pool floats, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our online influencer collaboration program. This is an invitation for you to partner with us and promote the joy and safety of baby swimming with Mambo baby floaty.

Who Are We Looking For ?

  •  Location: You must reside in United States, Europe, or Australia.
  • Audience Engagement: Your Instagram or TikTok accounts should each have over 3,000 followers, and your recent posts related to your children should have at least 300 likes.
  • Parenting Experience: Your baby should be under 1 year old.
  • Collaboration Spirit: Willingness to accept a Mambobaby float in exchange for this collaboration opportunity.

Why Collaborate With Us?

  • Safety and Learning: Introduce more parents to the secure Mambobaby floats, ensuring more little ones enjoy swimming safely.
  • Boost Your Influence: Increase your followers and exposure, benefiting both you and Mambobaby. This collaboration also opens doors to more opportunities with various other brands.
  • Get a Valuable Product: Receive a free Mambobaby float, worth a hundred dollars, for your little one to experience more water fun!

Limited Opportunity - Act Fast!

The number of collaborations is limited, so we encourage you to apply soon.

Interested? please fill out the application form below